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  To counter religious
radicalisation, reach out to  
vulnerable people in all types  
of institutions, including schools,
universities, hospitals, barracks
and especially prisons.
Ndugwa Hassan
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Hold to
I believe

Extremist organisations exploit religion to
attract new followers. In many cases, a narrow
and conservative religious interpretation
informs their ideology and
organisational structure.

Affirm religious values

Religious values can discredit violent religious propaganda. Respected religious leaders who are prepared to take on bigoted expressions of their faith can have a considerable influence on public opinion; and young people, who are especially targeted by extremist groups, can do a great deal to prevent the spread of violent religious extremism if they hold to the core values of their religion and learn how to discern intolerant misreadings of religious teachings.

Women have been particularly effective peacebuilders, through interfaith and inter-communal initiatives. Efforts to promote peacebuilding and religious tolerance should therefore mainstream both groups, even if senior male religious leaders are reluctant to do so. Such initiatives must also address sexual violence, education, and jobs, which are important to women and young people as well as to the wider society. To make sure they can speak freely, women and young people may need to meet in their own spaces.

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