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Educational approches
provide social mainsteaming
alternatives for vulenrable
young people who are at risk of
recruitment into violent groups.
Jonah Obajeun

and trust

Violent extremism thrives when social
trust collapses. To prevent the radicalisation of
young people, it is therefore vital to promote
social cohesion and inclusion.

Social cohesion and inclusion

Economic development can promote social cohesion, but does not always do so. In Sri Lanka, Kenya and Nigeria, for example, growth has coexisted with protracted inter-group conflict, partly because large-scale infrastructural development has generated new patterns of social exclusion. Unequal or inequitable development can deepen conflicts and grievances, especially among young people.

Efforts to reinforce social cohesion and inclusion therefore need to work across a range of dimensions. Local and community mechanisms are particularly important. They provide vital avenues for cooperation.

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Jonah Obajeun speaking with young people


Cohesion and inclusion can be broken down into five main components.


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