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  I'm interested in finding
alternative narratives that
seek to dispel, discredit and
destroy the narratives
employed by extremists.
Fatima Zaman
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and critical

We must stress the basic values that
are common to all religions:
         compassion, solidarity and respect
          for the human person.
  Kofi Annan, speech at the Bali Democracy Forum, 2016

Making young people more aware through education and critical thinking is the first defence against violent extremism. Education should prepare young people for life in the modern world; this means it should also equip young people to identify and ultimately reject online and offline extremist propaganda.

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Education should equip young people with the skills they need to detect extremist propaganda, make informed decisions, and question the legitimacy of extremist content. Education:

  • Promotes dialogue by developing the ability to think and discuss.
  • Nurtures critical thinking, digital literacy, and the skills required
    to challenge violent extremist propaganda.
  • Enables young people to question the legitimacy and appeal of extremist beliefs.
  • Builds confidence and increases emotional intelligence.
  • Cultivates resilience in the face of extremist messages.
  • Acts as a mass inoculation device.
  • Creates global citizens by instilling a strong sense of moral and
    civic duty.

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Education is a form of primary prevention. To counter violent extremism, it needs to be:

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